Why? – Incentives

Arsizio is a Cleantech company, focused to provide the market with an innovative and efficient production alternative.

- Reduced availability of raw materials → rising prices
- Focus on lightweight and integrated technical solutions
- Greater demand for additional degrees of freedom in terms of design/product development
- Focus on faster lead times and reduced logistics

How? – Approach

Through unique know-how and patented technique, Arsizio teams up with partners and customers to change the way of producing a wide range of applications.

What? – Our offer

Arsizio offers a production alternative that can streamline, save cost and create new opportunities to produce applications that previously could not generate return of investment. We offer a production alternative in which the integration of functions is made possible in a completely different way than before.
We are your development partner that identifies and streamline products through the chain from concept to production and we offer a possibility to reduce raw material, energy use in production that also has positive effects on the logistics.